Organisational Structure

In 2018 the Home was run by a group of volunteer members from the community.  A Board of 8 members is elected from these members and they are responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day running continues on a professional basis. Since 1978, the Home has been led by 8 different Chairmen. The doors of the Home are kept open by the unselfish commitment of all the members of the Home.  They see to the strategy formulation and planning of all activities and events linked to the Home.


Board and trustees

The Home is primarily run by volunteer members of the public. In 2018, there were just over 30 members offering their time and services to the Home, with the average age of these members around 60. A few founder members are still part of the current membership body and two of them are already in their 90’s. Members join by application and payment of an annual membership fee of R50 (fee in 2018). Members need to attend general meetings and are compelled to assist with fundraising activities.

From amongst the volunteer members, they elect 8 members to form the Board. The Board then, as informed by the constitution, agrees amongst themselves to appoint people into the various portfolios (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.). The Board serves for a 2 year cycle since the constitution dictates that a person cannot serve as Chairman for more than 2 consecutive cycles. The Home has had 8 Chairmen, namely Mr Taliep Sydney, Mr Armien Fayker, Mr Achmat Abrahams, Mrs Kamilla Haywood, Mr Noor Moerat, Mr Fareed Abrahams, Mr Naadir Agherdien and Mr Phadiel Jeppie.  They see to the strategy formulation and planning of all activities and events linked to the Home.

Executive Committee 2019/2020


Phaldie Jeppie


Naadir Agherdien

Vice Chairman

Fouzeah Hajwani


Saaid Dawood

Assistant Secretary

Soraya Jeppie


Yumna Agherdien

Assistant Treasurer

Fareed Abrahams

Board Member

Latiefa Anter

Board Member

Management and Staff

The Executive nominates a few members to act as a Management Committee, who are present at the Home at least 4 days a week.  Their role at the Home includes seeing to the implementation of the policies and procedures of the Home, liaising with the Superintendent and the public and the efficient running of the administration affairs of the Home. The Superintendent is responsible for the operational activities of the institution including the interaction with staff, residents, families of the residents and the general public.

In 2018, there were approximately 55 permanent staff seeing to the operational activities of the institution over two shifts per 24 hour day, 7 days a week.  The staff compliment comprises of a Superintendent, 2 Supervisors, 1 Senior sister, 24 nursing staff, 21 general assistants, 4 kitchen staff, a receptionist and a driver/handyman. The home has a fully equipped kitchen and in-house cooks who see to the nutritional needs, including specialised needs as prescribed by medical practitioners of the residents. Some of the services, like security, are outsourced to companies specialising in those fields.

The residents enjoy a high standard of professional care. The Home is registered with the IMA (Islamic Medical Association) who send doctors on a regular basis to look after the residents’ needs. There are also several additional volunteer professionals performing services at the Home. These include physiotherapists, opticians, dieticians and podiatrists, amongst other.

The Home is also very fortunate that many trainees, in various services related to the care giving industry, complete their in-service training at the Home. These vary between 10 and 25 per annum.