Your donation can go a long way in providing care and support to our residents

Beit-ul-Aman enjoys Tax Exempt status and can issue S18A tax certificates.
Contact us at [email protected] to request yours.

You can make a secure donation using one of the options below

Bank Account Details

Donations can be deposited into either of the following bank accounts:

Bank: Absa

Account Holder: Beit-ul-Aman
Branch: Claremont
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Branch Code: 632005

Current Account 1 (Operational Donations):
Name:  Beit-ul-Aman
Account Number: 4062765313

Current Account 2 (Zakaah Donations):
Name:  BTA-Zakah
Account Number: 9202398127

Where your money goes

Beit-ul-Aman’s total operating expenses for 2020 is R4 861 656.The income we collect each year only covers 60% of our total expenditure, we rely on donations to cover the other 40%.Our current operating shortfall for 2020 is R2 million.

Beit-ul-Aman’s expenses mainly comprise of salaries and related expenses.Currently we have a permanent staff of 45 who work one of two shifts a day, providing frail care to our residents 24/7.

We receive food and meal donations throughout the year from the community, in fact, we rarely have to worry about purchasing meat because of qurban donations.This has allowed us to keep our food expenses significantly lower compared to other Homes.

Awqaf/Endowment Projects
Our goal at Beit-ul-Aman is to become self-sufficient, so that we won’t be dependent on donations for our future operation.We also hope to expand our range of services offered to the community and increase the number of residents we can accommodate. These are the key initiatives we will be focussing on to achieve our goal of becoming self-sufficient:

– Acquisition of an adjacent house.Purchased in 2019 with an interest-free loan, R1million repayment remaining.
– Acquisition of an adjacent plot of land. We have until May 2020 to make the purchase from the Government for R750,000
– Development of vacant land and home (see above)

How can you help

  • Cash donations (Fitra, Fidya, Sadaqah, Zakaah)
  • Meal sponsorship
  • Donations in kind *
  • Become one of the voluntary members of the Home (Annual Subscription: R50)
  • Donate Qurbani/Aqeeqa meat to the Home
  • Arrange a family event at the facility
  • Monthly stop order donations
  • Support the fund-raising initiatives

* Before providing donations in kind, please refer to our wish list here of current requirements for the home and call the Superintendent on 021 761 1542 to establish what the prevailing needs are.