Where would you want to live if you needed attention on a daily basis? In your home, of course. Unfortunately, in today’s challenging socio-economic climate, this is not a reality for many people. For various reasons people end up being destitute, especially in their twilight years, or they develop a huge dependency on continuous care. Help us to assist the destitute, frail and elderly to have a home of peace and safety, and to be cared for with dignity and compassion.

How can you help

  • Cash donations (Fitra, Fidya, Sadaqah, Zakaah)
  • Meal sponsorship
  • Donations in kind
  • Become one of the voluntary members of the Home (Annual Subscription: R50)
  • Donate Qurbani/Aqeeqa meat to the Home
  • Arrange a family event at the facility
  • Monthly stop order donations
  • Support the fund-raising initiatives

Before providing donations in kind, please refer to the wish list (see below) of current requirements for the home and call the Superintendent on 021 761 1542 to establish what the prevailing needs are.The items marked *** are the most needed / required.



  • Tea/Coffee ***
  • Sugar ***
  • Cheese ***
  • Eggs ***
  • Cornflakes / Weetbix
  • Soup mix
  • Split peas
  • Beetroot (jars)
  • Pilchards
  • Jungle Oats

Sandwich spreads

  • Apricot jam
  • Fish paste
  • Diabetic marmalade jam
  • Jam


  • Disposable nappies – (L) + (XL) ***
  • Disposable BIC razors ***
  • Toilet rolls
  • Johnson’s baby powder

Meats (Halaal)

  • Mince / sausage
  • Chicken pieces
  • Chicken livers


  • Black and white pepper ***
  • Various spices

Bank Account Details

Donations can be deposited into either of the following bank accounts:

Account Holder: Beit-ul-Aman
Bank: Absa
Branch: Claremont
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Branch Code: 632005

Current Account 1 (Operational Donations):
Name:  Beit-ul-Aman
Account Number: 4062765313

Current Account 2 (Zakaah Donations):
Name:  BTA-Zakah
Account Number: 9202398127

We are registered to provide tax-exempt donor receipts. Contact the Management Committee Member and Secretary Mrs Fouzeah Hajwani (Cell +27 83 450 7867, email: with your deposit reference to make arrangements to receive a receipt.

Regular Donations (via Debit Order form)

A regular donation can be established through completion of the below debit order form, and handing this into the Beit-ul-Aman offices at Cnr Druif Street & Mars Road, Wynberg, 7800.

Download the form