Vacancy: Nursing Manager


              TITLE:                                             Nursing Manager

              FUNCTION:                                   Management of Nursing Care.

              HOURS OF WORK:                    (Minimum 40 hours per week)

              RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Administrator

Email application letter and CV to Fareed Abrahams at [email protected]

Closing date is 12 April 2021 at 17H00.


  • Proof of registration with SANC as a Registered Nurse and a post basic qualification
  • Minimum five years’ experience in a nursing management capacity (Unit Manager level or higher).
  • Ability to demonstrate technical proficiency and the ability to comprehend its impact on work/unit responsibilities.
  • Excellent leadership qualities, sound decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organisational and communication skills, with the ability to function well under pressure.
  • Knowledge of and experience in human resources management (recruitment, performance management, etc.).



  • Overall well-being of the residents and liaising with families of residents. Portfolio include nursing staff.


  • Function within the relevant policies, procedures and legislation of Parliament, SANC, CPOA and local municipal by-laws.
  • Maintain administrative files of pertinent Acts, regulations, policies and procedures for reference and orientation of staff.


  • Assess the needs of the unit regarding staff, equipment and supplies in order to achieve optimum nursing standards.
  • Draw up planning rosters relating to:
    • staff shifts
    • day/night rotation for the year
    • annual leave
    • daily work schedules in conjunction with the RN
    • supply orders – requirements, ordering days, etc
    • training/education roster
  • Supervise the servicing of food, dining room etiquette and correct distribution of special diets.

Nursing Care

  • Assess applications for admission in conjunction with Board Member or appointed person. Assessment may require home visits to confirm nursing care needs.
    • Ensure that preparations are made for new admissions.
    • Oversee the writing and implementation of the care plan for each new admission.
    • Organise and implement orientation programs for new residents and their significant others.
    • Delegate care of resident to staff competent to provide the required care.
    • Evaluate and action accordingly, the health status of each resident daily.
    • Compile and implement appropriate exercises and other activities for residents.
    • Ensure that observations, treatment, care and residents’ response to medical and nursing regime are correctly and fully recorded.
    • Daily care rounds to ensure competent patient care and smooth running of facility.
    • Supervise the professional/enrolled nurses to ensure that nursing regimen is implemented correctly as per SANC scope of practice and CPOA Policies.
    • Investigate and implement corrective measures if errors, complaints, incidents occur.
    • Assist nursing staff with daily tasks.
    • Collate data for monthly and quarterly medical reports to be submitted to the Administrator/Board
    • Communicate with other members of the multi-disciplinary health team to ensure holistic care is provided.
    • Intervene and assist with referral when health status changes
    • Be available for emergency call outs.


  • Promote working relationships with staff and instill motivation.
    • Ensure full complement of staff on duty and take immediate action to correct if not.
    • Assess staffing ratio and motivate increase/reduction in relation to resident care needs and take corrective action when required.
    • Monitor attendance, punctuality, appearance, behaviour and performance.
    • Plan and implement in-service education program.
    • Implement counselling and/or disciplinary action as required according to CPOA disciplinary code.
    • Devise and implement orientation program for all new staff.
    • Monitor staff performance and evaluate according to staff appraisal form – annual for permanent staff, monthly for contract and new staff until appointed to permanent post.
    • Order uniforms for new staff and replacement of condemned uniforms for permanent staff (Admin staff receive an allowance every 3 years).
    • Liaise with Administrator regarding all staff matters that require escalation.
    • Arrange for relief for nursing staff on sick or annual leave.
    • Complete all relevant documentation relating to WCA (IOD) incidents.
    • Conduct necessary disciplinary interventions


  • Submit orders on dates according to monthly roster for:
  • food (where applicable)
  • diets and meals
  • general and medical supplies, chemicals (where applicable), etc.
  • transport
    • Submit monthly returns to the Administrator/Board regarding
  • admissions/transfers
  • deaths and discharges
  • occupancy
  • food consumption (where applicable)
  • stock levels
  • pocket money
    • Compile and submit accurate
      • monthly medical reports
      • quarterly medical reports
      • quarterly Health & Safety meeting minutes.
      • minutes of staff meetings
      • safety meeting minutes
      • night duty/public holiday claims
    • Plan, arrange and chair staff meetings, minimum once per quarter per shift.
    • Attend official meeting as per year planner.
    • Discuss all matters relating to the running of the facility with the Facilities Manager and Administrator.
    • Maintain the asset register pertaining to the nursing portfolio
    • Plan, organise and evaluate regular fire drills – twice per annum.
    • Perform/enforce performance appraisals for all nursing staff
    • Compile and implement staff changes/shift register
    • Requisition for maintenance or repair of medical and related equipment


  • Identify cost saving areas and implement cost saving measures.
  • Monitor and review monthly financial indicators to ensure unit operating within budget.
  • Promote capacity usage of facility to ensure optimum income.
  • Assist residents to obtain and manage pocket money.
  • Prepare and motivate for annual budget with timeous submission.


  • Ensure that medical equipment are maintained and kept in good order.
  • Damage or deterioration to be attended to timeously.

Risk Management

  • Ensure a functional and active Health & Safety Committee.
  • Chair quarterly Health & Safety meetings and ensure correction of identified hazards.
  • Monthly completion and submission of Health & Safety reports to Administrator and action of non-compliant items.
  • Maintain effective infection control within all areas of the facility.
  • On-going education on Health & Safety.

Residents Forum

  • Conduct monthly meetings with resident representatives
  • Submit minutes of Residents Forum meetings to Administrator
  • Highlight any issues that need Board intervention with Administrator

Public Liaison

  • Liaise with members of public regarding:
  • Meal Donations
  • Clothing donations for residents
  • In-house and external functions/events for residents
  • Liaise with family members regarding specific residents
  • Liaise with families for special visitation (sick residents, etc.)
  • All other interaction with public to be referred to the Administrator

Internal synergy and co-operation

  • Liaise with Facilities Manager and other key staff members on matters that overlap, e.g. resident outings, functions for residents at the facility, transport, hygiene and safety of the facility, etc.

Other Duties

As delegated by the Administrator