Equipment donation appeal

At Beit-ul Aman we constantly strive to provide our residents with the best level of care, compassion and comfort in a safe and secure environment.
Alhamdulillah, the institution is more than 40 years old but over time certain essential things have expired their operational life span and have given in. In addition to this the Government recently introduced new health and safety legislation which necessitated us to implement new policies and procedures and acquire specific equipment.

The Board embarked upon a voluntary health and safety risk assessment by a specialist company and the result of this exercise, together with the findings from the annual audits by the department of social development, revealed that we need to replace a lot of our existing equipment and acquire ones we don’t have yet. The list consists of some specialized medical equipment and other general items like crockery, cutlery, cleaning equipment, etc.

The value of all these come to about R200 000 and we are appealing to you to kindly make a contribution towards this. Contributions can be deposited in our bank account. Details are as follows:
Account: Beitul Aman
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Claremont
Code: 632005
Number: 4062765313
Ref: Equipment+ cell number

We also want to freshen up the place with some plants both indoors and outdoors so if anyone has spare plants, we’ll welcome those as well.
Shukran for your continuous generosity. May Allah reward you abundantly, Ameen. Below is a graphic display on how we are doing against the target.